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Al Leiter Feels Bad about Facing His Former Teammates

Was I the only one bothered by Al Leiter's sentiment in today's paper?  Oh, poor Al, he's conflicted about having to start at Shea Stadium against his beloved Mets.

If he loved it so much there, maybe he should have taken a big paycut and stayed in New York.  If I was him, I'd take the money and be happy to be back in Florida - where I started Game 7 of the 1997 World Series.

Yes, I understand that Al grew up as a Mets fan.  But he had choices here.  He probably could have found his way back into the Mets rotation at the right price.  He also could have signed with an American League team that wouldn't face the Mets this year if he was so conflicted about it.

He's a Marlin now.  Not a Met.  He should act like one.