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Good Matchups Today - Possibly Great Matchups on Friday

Dontrelle Willis takes the mound for the Marlins this afternoon in his second outing of the season.  That alone makes for an interesting pitching matchup for Fish fans to watch.  But there's much more going on on the mound today with Mark Prior (Cubs) and Curt Schilling (Red Sox) making their 2005 debuts today as well (both are getting a late start due to injuries).

However, for South Florida baseball fans, Friday night will really have the best pitching matchups for this week:

In the majors, Josh Beckett will likely face off against Pedro Martinez on Friday night at Shea Stadium.  ESPN is projecting that Martinez won't start until Saturday, but Friday would be Pedro's normal turn in the rotation.  Hopefull that matchup will come to be - it likely could turn into another classic game, like Pedro's last start on Sunday against John Smoltz and the Braves.

In the college ranks, Miami's Cesar Carillo will face North Carolina's Andrew Miller in a matchup of likely future first rounders on Friday night in Chapel Hill.  While the game isn't in town, it will be broadcast nationally on ESPN-U.  Consider yourself warned in advance - now go and figure out if you have ESPN-U or not.