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Season Ticket Holders Revolt

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The season ticket holders who re-upped in order to guarantee 2005 playoff tickets do you say it....pissed.  

There are many of them who want their money back claiming that when they bought the tickets it was to see a Major League team, not a AAA team.

So with the fans being testy about paying Major League prices to see a Minor League team, the organization does the only thing it can do in this situation - raise ticket prices.

The Marlins also won't reverse an earlier decision to raise single-game ticket prices for next season. (Prices will be announced soon.) Season-ticket prices also have increased for some seats.

Are they trying to alienate every fan in South Florida?  If that is their goal they are succeeding admirably.

Let's face it, attendance at the stadium next season will be abysmal.  It's not like the club is going to make a lot of money off ticket sales, anyway.  So why squeeze the loyal fans who do show?

I don't get it.