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Tour of Homes

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The Marlins made their first visit to a possible relocation city yesterday.  The city was San Antonio.

It should come as no surprise that the Alamo City was the first the stop since the upper management of the organization is already in Dallas.

In 2003 San Antonio made a somewhat feeble pitch in an attempt to get the Expos.  The San Antonio official in charge of the process was Nelson Wolff.

Nelson said talk of the plan first came up in January when representatives from Major League Baseball called him to see what he thought about San Antonio as a possible baseball site.

He said San Antonio is about 10 to 15 years away from major baseball.

In two years the city's prospects have improved but it still remains as an unlikely candidate.  San Antonio is presently the interim home to New Orleans Saints and the city wants to keep the Saints.  Should this happen and with the public debt for the Spurs new arena being paid-off, the city can't handle another professional sports franchise moving into the city during this time frame.

My guess it was courtesy call and a really good excuse to eat some fine cuisine at one of the riverwalk cafes.

In his discussions with the local politicians, Samson gave a time line for the relocation tour.

Samson said he told the group he expects the team's relocation search to take three to five months

Okay, it's going to be whirlwind tour of the cities.

The club is still saying that South Florida is their first choice.  For those of you who have seen the Huizenga stadium news story, it appears to have all of the shortcomings of the previous Orange Bowl proposal.  Just take out City of Miami and put in Huizenga and there you have it.  I would expound more about this but the night is getting away from me.

One last thing which is kinda disturbing.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is giving some thought to the idea of having the Marlins play some of their games in Puerto Rico in 2007 if the attendance at Dolphins Stadium continues to fall in 2006, said a league source with knowledge of the plan.

Someone please tell me we aren't turning into the Expos.