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Our Newest Addition

In the Lo Duca trade, the Marlins received in return Gaby Hernandez and a player to be named later.  Fortunately John Sickles used Hernandez as an example to pitch his new book, which may be a necessary tome for every Marlins fan.  I pre-ordered mine.

Gaby Hernandez was a third round pick in 2004, out of high school in Miami.  I pegged him as a sleeper in the '05 book, and his first-half performance at Hagerstown was everything I could have hoped for.  He dominated the league: K/BB +53 percent, K/IP +29, H/IP +37, all safely better than league.  A promotion to the Florida State League in late July did not go well, as more experienced hitters taught Hernandez some hard lessons about leaving hittable pitches in the strike zone, although even in the FSL his K/BB was still strong at +35 percent.  Hernandez has a sinking fastball timed as high as 94 MPH, though he lost some zip as the season progressed and finished throwing in the upper 80s.  His curveball and changeup are solid, though not outstanding by themselves.  The curve has moments as a plus pitch, but he is still erratic with it.  He understands the basics of pitching, throws strikes, and keeps the ball down.  I like Hernandez a lot, but I have a few concerns about his durability as he approaches the injury nexus.  The payoff here is potentially very high, but injury risk is present. Grade B.

Okay, he's a good prospect - got it.

The player to be named later will not be named until after the Rule 5 Draft which takes place on Thursday December 8.

Baseball America came out with its Rule 5 Draft preview in case you are interested.  It is conceivable the Marlins could be active in the draft and then again 25-man roster spots may be too valuable for a team full of prospects to lock many of the spots down.

If you don't know about the Rule 5 Draft, our friends at Bless You Boys have a good explaination - the Rule 5 Draft explained.  It's down at the bottom of the post.