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Relocation Competition

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Now on to something that proves: I need more sleep.

Down in the Alamo City they have thrown in the towel on their pursuit of the Marlins - or at least, one reporter has.  He believes that another type of organized sport would be better suited for his fair city.

Those of you who swore to hold your breath until the Florida Marlins, New Orleans Saints or Pittsburgh Penguins decided to move to our fair city might as well exhale.

As they used to say when your Field Correspondent came to the plate with runners at second and third, "Just ain't gonna happen."

However, in our eternal quest to serve the loyal readership, we have found the ideal league for San Antonio. It wouldn't require a new arena or stadium, no tax-increment fund or tax abatement. Just maybe a sin tax.

It's a league owned by the players, for the players. Unlike the prudes at the NFL (who market sex and beer but try to disguise it as football), it unashamedly markets sex and beer. Its team nicknames include the Hot Rod Honeys and the Hell Marys, and its players are known by catchy pseudonyms like Deadly Cyn and Bunny Rabid. Rock and roll bands play (loudly, we suspect) at every contest.

It's the Texas Rollergirls league, in all its campy glory at, competing in what the Web site calls "flat-track roller derby."

I wish the citizens of San Antonio well with their pursuit of a franchise, in such, a world class organization as the Texas Rollergirls.

Yes, this is what passes for blog worthy material - Hey, it's Friday.