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It's Awards Time

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As the year-end approaches, it's time to vote and handout awards for achievements of excellence during the past year.

Dontrelle Willis is on the ballot for ESPN's All-SportsNation Team.  They are choosing the very best in all of sports.  Here at FishStripes we recommend, nay, implore you, to vote for the D-Train.  It's what a family does.  Speaking of family, Misty May-Treanor is also on the ballot and since you can vote for five athletes you should include her name among your selections.

Now, you, of course, can vote for whomever you like but I would like to leave one thought with you.

"...don't ever take sides with anyone against the family..."  Michael Corleone

Vote Here

"What is it about men and The Godfather?"  (Name that movie)  It's an easy one.

Yesterday the Marlins owner proved to be an Award Winner.

If there's one thing that South Florida has in bountiful profusion, it's egregious behavior. New Times staffers are connoisseurs of the scandals, scams, malfeasances, and outrages that blossom in the Broward-Palm Beach sunshine. Every year, they like to reflect on the worst of the worst. Here are their favorites for 2005:

Jeffrey Loria

He didn't just rip out the Marlins' guts; he jettisoned the legs (Juan Pierre), the shoulders (Carlos Delgado), the back (Josh Beckett), the heart (Mike Lowell), the soul (Jeff Conine), and the pierced nipples (A.J. Burnett), even though the team was a decent middle reliever shy of contending again in the National League East. "You're giving us a minor league team at major league prices," one Marlins fan fumed during a party this month for season-ticket holders. (There will be no refunds, the team announced. Now, step away from the box-office window.) Loria will sink even further into South Florida infamy when he follows through on his threatened move to another city. Of course, it'll be easier to move the team without all those bloated salaries. By then, though, fans will be so tired of seeing the Marlins lose that they'll cheer the moving vans.

Congratulations Jeffrey!

While I think they are being a bit rough on him, they did spell his name right.  What is that old saying about any publicity?

Anyway, there you have our award nominees, along with our award winner.  The honors just keep rolling in.