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Marlins have a Lottery Ticket

The Marlins organization may be sitting pretty, financially, next year or at least according to Barry Epstein's numbers.

The team will bank nearly $72 million in broadcast rights, shared revenue from the league and its cut for the sale of the Washington Nationals before selling one ticket.

There is a possible flaw in his analysis of guaranteed revenue.  The $72 million assumes the Nationals will get an owner and judging by how things have transpired so far, I wouldn't count on it happening this upcoming season or maybe even the season after that.  I can't see the Nats getting an owner until the stadium deal is done and we all know how long that can take.  MLB needs to clean up its own mess before someone will come in and take over ownership and let's face it, MLB has a spotty record in cleaning up its own mess.

The right numbers may pop-up on the magic ping pong balls next year, letting the front office to cash in, but I wouldn't count on it.