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Portland - Location, Location, Location

The groups in Portland who are interested in bringing a MLB team to their beautiful city are looking at possible locations.

The Oregon Sports Authority said it wants to analyze the Memorial Coliseum property in Portland's Rose Quarter district to determine whether the site could hold a Major League Baseball stadium. The plot would likely be the smallest plot among the six possible sites studied by city leaders. Kansas City, Mo., stadium design specialist HOK S+V+E could also be brought in to study the site at a later date.

The Kansas City firm analyzed the other potential sites on behalf of the city and local big-league baseball boosters.

I must admit, it has been a very long time since I have been to Portland - therefore, I have no idea what they talking about in terms of location.  I do, however, recognize the name HOK S+V+E.  They are the architects who designed Jacobs Field, Coors Field and Camden Yards.  So if the Marlins eventually end up in Portland, and that's a big if, their past work should give you an idea what the ballpark will look like.

Drew Mahalic, CEO of the Oregon Sports Authority, said his group will invite Marlins officials to visit Portland in the next month.

The front office will be on a road-trip soon to The Beaver State - maybe as early as January.

I am planning a lot more on the possible relocation of the team and just how viable it is.  We may even have an expert in the field pen an article for us to consider.  In the meantime, I am brushing up on my Public Finance with hopes of bringing you something meaningful.