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Hot Links - Get your hot links here

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.  Sorry about the downtime over the weekend.  Apparently the servers wanted some time off, also.

Today, since I'm going to try and get my life jump-started again, it's going to be one those link specials.  

First up to the plate:  It seems that Jack is bored with his pseudo-retirement and no one in the Marlins front office will explain to him just what his new job entails.  At Baseball Musings they suggest he start a blog.  While it would be entertaining trying to figure out which player he was referencing, he has something else in mind.  If there is club somewhere that needs an old school kinda guy, Jack is sitting by the phone.

Second in the order:  Tim, who writes at MLB Trade Rumors, a great site by the way, has made his Marlins player predictions for 2006.  I think his analysis is overly optimistic and a little bit flawed.  You see, Tim also writes for RotoAuthority and I believe he is looking at the season through those eyes.  Fantasy Baseball doesn't penalize a player for throwing to wrong base or botching a ground ball so the double play can't be turned in time.  It also doesn't reward the stretching of a single into a double - unless your in one of those really strange speciality leagues.  But that said, I do enjoy his writings and recommend you check him out.

Next up:  The Sports Blog Awards are in their voting phase so if you would like to vote for your favorite sports blog, please do so.

Bringing it home:  Alex Fernandez has made it on to the HOF Ballot.  Congratulations Alex.  More about the announcement here:

Fernandez a first-timer on Hall's ballot