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D-Train and Miggy go to White Castle

Merry day-after-Christmas everyone, from up in NY.  Somehow I thought that maybe if I got further away from the mess in Miami, it would look better.

I was wrong.

Two quick notes.  First - I just noticed that we are now under 100 days till opening day!  And Spring training is just around the corner!  Woo-hoo!  The pain is coming soon, folks!

Secondly - is it a bad thing that when I think about next year's version of this team now, I keep coming back to this in my head?  There are several things I come to, but in particular, for some reason, I relate Miguel Cabrera and the line -

God! You're 22 years old. When are you gonna grow up and stop this post-college rebel bullshit? - Like your life is so hard.

I just don't know.  I mean - the guy was supposedly having real discipline trouble before and now he is going to be counted upon to be THE veteran presence on the team!  Why does that scare me?  For Miguel this is sort of like a freshman in high school becoming a senior right after Christmas break, with no one but middle-schoolers around him.  

He can go one of two ways.  He can either really accept the challenge, lead the team and make a difference for these younger players...

Or he can go get some burgers with Neil Patrick Harris.

Somehow - with the team that is going to be around him, I don't see him getting that inspired, honestly.  I see some real frustration coming down the pike for my personal non-sexual man-crush this year.  I hope I'm wrong, but all those walks are going to drive him crazy, I betcha.  Please prove me wrong, Miguel!

...but now I'm thinking that maybe it's a good thing that the team didn't give him a huge contract yet, so he can't get TOO crazy off the field.  They don't have White Castle down in Miami, do they?