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FishStripes Wrap

There isn't much happening concerning the Marlins thus far today.  So rather than write something based on speculation, I believe I am going to take some time and work on the site.

There are several things I would like to do behind the curtain of the main stage and today looks like a good day to do it.  This is will NOT effect you in any way.  FishStripes will be completely operational - it just me cleaning up backstage.

But I will leave you with this:

When Rotowire was discussing fantasy baseball for the 2006 season, they had this to say about the Marlins.

The fire sale makes the Marlins THE fantasy team of the offseason. Someone has to get regular playing time in 2006.

True, now if we can just figure out who that someone is.  If you feel like you have a good handle on this, why don't you join John Sickels over at Minor League Ball and play:

You're the GM!  Florida Marlins

and put all the other soothsayers to shame.  

It is a little different than what you have already put forth in the post by Wiggins. This one includes a development angle - but you also get the added advantage of more information by Sickels.

If you don't feel like registering at Minor League Ball, just leave your selections in the comments below.  As Pablo Picasso said "Good artists copy, Great artists steal".  

But I believe it will be worth your time to register over there and checkout John from time to time.  I know I do.