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Salary Increase?

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Do you remember how Samson keeps using the line that the team's payroll was increased last year but there was no improvement?

Well, a funny thing was released yesterday by the MLBPA:

Also Wednesday, the Major League Baseball Players Association said salaries resumed their climb this year after a rare one-season drop.

The average salary rose 7.2 percent to $2,479,125, according to the union's annual study


The Florida Marlins dropped their average from $2.12 million to $1.87 million and are likely to have the lowest average next year after shedding nearly all of their veteran players since the end of the season.

The union study was based on the 904 players on Aug. 31 rosters and disabled lists.

(Emphasis is mine)

In everything you read last year, we were told the organization had increased the payroll from $42 million to $60 million.  The payroll may have increased but it wasn't because the team was spending more on the players making up the Marlins roster.  In fact, less was spent in 2005 than in 2004 for the actual players on the field.

The increase probably came from the club having to pay more for players to play for other teams or at least, that's my guess.

That, technically, is a payroll increase but it is a little disingenuous to pass it off as, we spent more, in hopes of fielding a better team.

On different note: the Marlins have completed their coaching staff for 2006.  Since time is of the essence, here is the link:

Florida Marlins 2006 Coaching Staff