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Another Christmas Song

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So... you don't need to know this about me and you don't care, but I'm not terribly religious.  Even though I'm paid decent money to spend way too much time in churches, it's not really my gig.  That being said - Christmas is still usually a nice time of year.

(Except for the one a couple of years ago when I had to put my cat down just a few days before - that sucked ass... oh, and the one just before that when my Grandfather died... that was horrible.  Wait - Christmas sucks.  What was my point?  Did I have a point?  Oh never mind...)

Getting back to what I was saying...

Around the Christmas season, people tend to be a bit cooler (if you avoid the malls), there is some nice music to be heard (if you don't listen to the radio at all), family tends to be closer (as long as you don't actually spend any real time with them) and there is always the chance that a scary grinch will show up on a hot day in San Diego.  That's always fun.

It may seem that this year, as Christmas approaches, we as Marlins fans have little to be particularly jolly about.  Samson, et al - in the role of Santa - seem to have left one big steaming pile of... ummm... coal... (yeah, that's it!) for us in our collective stocking... and you know what?

They really did!!!  

Damn them.  I'm tired of optimism.  This sucks.  I hope Santa brings me lots of Bowmore...

These kids may well pan out, but we are in for a good couple of really painful years, even if these trades do work out.  


Sheesh - I am doing a real crappy job of selling Christmas here, aren't I?  Wow.  

All I have to say is that I hope you all have a great holiday despite the recent nastiness surrounding the Fish.  I'll be checking in again after Christmas (from NY) and I, myself, actually have a lot of great things going on and look forward to a good holiday season and New Year.  Who knows?  Maybe next season won't completely suck.  Hell - maybe having one home town team and a lot of sentimental favorites sprinkled around the league won't be so bad.  We'll see.  

Maybe there is, after all, room for a little optimism.

I know there is always room for Scotch.