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Catcher in the Waive

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The Marlins added a new catcher to the roster, John Baker.  

Baker was obtained through the machinations of the Oakland Athletics organization.

To clear a spot for recently acquired Chad Gaudin on the 40-man roster, the A's designated catcher John Baker for assignment. They have 10 days to trade or waive the minor-leaguer.

The Marlins plucked him from the waiver wire while Oakland was hoping to send him back down to minors.

Let's see what we can find out about the newest Marlin.

He was born in the same town as Dontrelle Willis, Alameda California, and is almost exactly one year older than the A-Train.

I'm guessing they may know each other with both of them growing up in the Oakland area.  I could be wrong on this but their paths do contain at least one near miss.  They both played for Kane County in the minors - Willis in 2002 and Baker in 2003.

John Sickles rated Baker a "C" going into the 2005 season.  He didn't necessarily make the pre-season top twenty but he wasn't far out of it either.

Here is how I make out Oakland's top 20 prospects. Note that once you get down to the Grade C level the choices become rather difficult. You could basically slot any of the Grade C guys (John Baker, Rheinecker, Bynum, Kiger, etc.) in the final two or three slots.

So, how did he do:

The 24-year-old hit .234 with five homers and 41 RBIs in 103 games last season for Triple-A Sacramento.

I'm not sure he maintained his "C" average but it was his first full year in Triple-A, so a slump might be expected.

Then there is may favorite analysis which happens to be  provided by Rotoworld.

Baker, who hit .234/.304/.364 for Triple-A Sacramento last season, isn't good enough to help offensively or defensively right now. The Marlins will likely stash him away in Triple-A.

Have they not been paying attention?  The Marlins ARE a Triple-A team and  John Baker should feel right at home.  On-the-job training for everyone - that's our motto.