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Center Field the Sequel

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Another rumor has surfaced about the possible Olsen trade for a center fielder.

...our buddy, jake, at, an excellent tampa bay devil rays blog, e-mailed to tell me that a rumor has been floating around on the local tampa sports radio station about a deal in the works between the mets, rays and marlins in which the mets would land RHP Danys Baez, the rays would get LHP Scott Olsen and SS Kaz Matsui, and the marlins would get OF Joey Gathright, among other swaps...

To the Marlins the deal is basically the same as reported yesterday but now it has the added feature of improving the Mets.  Apparently improving the Mets is an important aspect of the Marlins off-season strategy.  

Does Omar Minaya have pictures of Beinfest playing golf with Satan?

(Name that movie reference)