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David Samson Takes Us for Fools

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The Marlins had the courage (that's not the word I want to use, but it's more positive than anything else I can think of) to hold a holiday party last night for season ticket holders (yes, there are still a few left -- although some showed up to the party to ask for their money back).

The Herald recaps the event, and if you tune into South Florida's sports talk radio, I'm sure you'll catch even more on the event.

What offends me most about Mr. Samson's comments is that he alluded to the fact that the team has considered an initial public offering, but that the financials didn't make sense. A quote of this is in the print edition of today's Herald. But miraculously it has been removed from the online edition (I will add the exact quote to this story tonight when I have the print edition in front of me again).

For those of you who have difficulty translating the words that come off of Mr. Samson's split tongue (about the possibility of an IPO/taking the team public), what he is really saying is: "We considered taking the ballclub public and issuing stock. But we realized that by doing so we would be forced to make our financials public and that the numbers would have to be audited and real. Since that would expose us as liars (as we aren't really losing tens of millions of dollars - heck, we aren't rich enough to afford that), we cannot pursue an IPO. Even though an IPO would make us even more wealthy and make it possible to keep the Marlins in South Florida."

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays Marlins fans!