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Center Field

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As many of you have noticed the Marlins have a center fielder problem, in that, the team needs one.

As expected the person who has put the gleam in the eye of the Marlins front office is Joey Gathright.

In the market to land a speedy center fielder to replace Juan Pierre, the Marlins have had discussions with the Devil Rays about acquiring burner Joey Gathright.


Gathright appeared in 76 games and hit .276 with 20 stolen bases in 25 attempts last season. The Marlins are weighing a number of center field options to replace Pierre, who was dealt to the Cubs last week for three pitchers.

Having a speedy center fielder is critical for the Marlins, who play at spacious Dolphins Stadium.

So far, so good.  The team needs a center fielder and it has been thought that the young Mr. Gathright could be attained for pitching prospects.  The team is loaded with pitching prospects so who are they considering trading?

According to a Major League source, the Marlins are considering parting with left-handed pitcher Scott Olsen for Gathright.

Scott Olsen!?!  You have got to be kidding.  Don't like this deal - don't like this deal at all.  Yes, the team needs a center fielder but not at the expense of the top left-handed pitching prospect who is the probable third or fourth starter for 2006.  This is too high of a price to pay.