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Game Time!

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Okay - now that every player (that we care about) who is going to get traded away has been traded away (assuming they are not stupid enough to trade Cabrera or Willis)...

Now that our pitiful lives as Marlins fans have been reduced to pen-spinning and reliving our glory days as bocce ball experts...

What next?

What can we talk about?

What can we possibly do to fill the void?  

What can we do with the remaining 113 days until opening day?

I know!  

It's the "Guess the Opening Day Lineup" game!!!

It's fun for the whole family that is guaranteed to keep you busy for at least a good solid week - with no potty breaks, you pansy!  You should have gone before we started!

Personally I am afraid to even begin to TRY to make a stab at a guess of what they may think of coming up with come next spring.  Just looking at the depth chart makes me dizzy, and trying to think of who will go where - my meds ain't THAT strong!

However - I know some of you intrepid back-seat managers and general managers are chomping at the bit to get these kids lined up and kicking.  Dontrelle in the three-hole?  Why not?  Cabrera leading off?  Makes sense to me!  

Tell us what YOU think Marlins fans.  Use this space to give us your best idea of what we'll be looking at next year.  Feel free to reference the handy-dandy Marlins depth chart as a guide, but remember things may well change.  Be creative!  Just remember that it is doubtful that Manny Ramirez will be joining the club...

Drop us off some comments here and give us your best line-up predictions for next year.  There will be absolutely NO prizes, but feel free to reference back here in the spring if and when your predictions turn out to be correct.  You will look like a genius and we will all bow down to your amazing baseball knowledge and insight - you incredible jerk.