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Not Looking Good

One of my greatest fears may have come true - it being sportswriters are the intellectual peers of Rob Dibble.  If the bozo who penned this article for MSNBC is any indication then the Cy Young award will not be gracing Willis' mantle this year.

I will spare you the first part of the article where he goes into great length about how Clemens shouldn't win the award because he didn't get enough wins and move to the part about Willis.

The clown writes:

The reason he (Willis) shouldn't win is because after an 11-2 start, he spent July building a 2-3 record and an ERA north of 7.00. Eight of his losses came in the second half of the season.

Carpenter, on the other hand, was steady from start to finish -- although he struggled somewhat in September -- and he anchored a staff for the National League's winningest team.

That's right, all that matters is that you get a lot of wins for your best record in the league team. So the most important stats are the ones the pitcher doesn't control, their wins and the number of wins by the team when they aren't on the mound. What a brilliant way to determine the best pitcher in the league.

We all know that Willis won more games, had a better ERA, the same number of complete games and more shutouts than Carpenter but these stats pale when you put up them against the almighty stat of how many games your team won.

I hope he is an anomaly amongst sportswriters but I fear he isn't.