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No News.

I suppose that is good news.  

Of course - I could be just not digging that hard.  I am too depressed at the thought of what will happen to the team this off-season.  Maybe we should do an off-season icthyomancy for who stays and who goes - including front-office personnel.  Or would that be too sick and wrong?

Ahhh... the off-season.  I do love it so.  

Anyway - don't forget to check in on our boys in Arizona.  No one's lighting it up, exactly, but Ungs is pitching well, Abercrombie and Wilson are acquitting themselves nicely and I hear that Kensing is doing much better lately.  

If you can't say anything nice...

Feel free to add any suggestions here for off-season icthyomancy (and Craig will be HAPPY to help you out with that) and fill in any rumors or suggestions of moves you may have heard of recently.  We'll MAKE this fun, damnit!