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The Beinfest Sunday Times

And the saga continues.

He grew up in Los Angeles dreaming of one day wearing Dodger blue. His dad took him to Dodger Stadium, where he rooted for Steve Garvey and Ron Cey.

Beinfest was an all-city shortstop at Chatsworth High School in 1983 and co-MVP of the West Valley League with Bret Saberhagen, who later was MVP of the 1985 World Series for the Kansas City Royals.

This part of the story was pulled to make the background clearer.  Mike pointed out in the comments that when he is interviewed by our announcer team on west coast trips he always beams about the area.  It is home to him.

And now for the money quote.

Beinfest's name has been mentioned in media reports about the Dodgers' GM opening. He declined to discuss that possibility, but in talking about someday running a team with greater resources, he said, "I think I'm adaptable. I never like to rule out anything. You have to create opportunities for yourself, and when you get that opportunity, take advantage of it.

"I was not a big name in this game. I was a hard worker trying to ascend through baseball. Jeffrey Loria gave me a huge chance here. He gave me the reins to a major-league franchise after two years as an assistant GM. I would like to think... if you can step up to this challenge maybe you can step up to the next one, whether that's in a different market or at a different job.''

He is so gone if he gets the chance.

If the Dodgers come calling for Beinfest then the club should let him go.  You are not doing anyone any favors by making him stay if he wants to leave.  Not the club, not the man, no one.

I think the idea put forward by Jrfelix in one of the comments is a good one.  He recommended in essence that the Marlins "trade" Beinfest to the Dodgers if he is going.  Getting a prospect or whatever his value deems appropriate.

One thing they should do is get the right to talk to Kim Ng.  It's time she had her shot at being a GM and it would be something if the Marlins were the team to break the barrier. Not to mention she has the potential to be a very good GM.

At this point it is all speculation but it does appear that the ball is in the Dodgers court because Beinfest is more than willing to answer the call.

[Update] Photi has the headline of the day concerning this story.  Check it out while the tee shirts are being printed with all the tour dates.  Fish Chunks