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Weekend Open Thread

Once again the weekend is upon us and I for one couldn't be happier.  It's time for the Open Thread, same as last weekend pretty much anything is fair game.

Since candlepin bowling was the only topic discussed last weekend you may want to keep that theme going.  May I suggest a debate as to whether Rosario Lechiarra, Charlie Jutras or Tom Olszta was the best of all-time.  My pick is Tom Olszta.

But if candlepin bowling isn't your thing you may want to hang out with Mike in the The Random Diary, or as it has become to be known as The Diary of Disappointment.  Another possibility is to read up on Jrfelix Lobster Boy Diary, I haven't read the story yet but plan to catch up this weekend between heated discussions about who's the best candlepinner (is that a word?).

Have a Great Weekend!

[Update] Moving on up. In the wonderful tradition set by my predecessor the Open Thread is always on top.