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The Saturday Beinfest Update

Oh man, this is getting more intriguing by the day.

Here is the latest update.

He was asked about rumors that he was interested in the Los Angeles Dodgers' general manager vacancy.

"I have a job here that I'm honored to have, and I'm really happy here with the Marlins," he said.

I've looked for other jobs while I was still employed in the one I had at the time and this statement has a familiar ring to it.  A pattern appears to be forming in all Beinfest's answers to questions about his pursuing of the Dodger GM position.

So let's look at his responses to the questions concerning the job opening in LA.

"I've got nothing to say," Beinfest said when asked if the report was true.

"I have a job here that I'm honored to have, and I'm really happy here with the Marlins," he said.

There is a word missing, a word girls tell me all the time.  A simple word really, a word that is very easy to pronounce.  The word is NO.

Something is going on here.  It may never amount to anything but something is happening or we would hear the word NO.

This is becoming a page turner.

Now to the main body of the article.  It's about the possibility that Delgado and Lowell may be shopped due to fact they will make the most money next year in an effort to cut the payroll.

The most interesting and possibly disturbing comment comes from Mr. Evasive himself, Larry Beinfest.

Asked if he thought he would at least be able to field a competitive team, Beinfest replied: "That's kind of digging into some stuff I don't want to get into. We've enjoyed winning, albeit some frustration in not getting to where we want to go. Jeffrey's direction is to win and create a winning culture. Beyond that I'm not going to comment.''

I am not sure I like the sound of this.  It has the sound of rebuilding and going with all the young guys.  Nothing against the young guys they deserve their chance, when ready.  

We will see what the club does in the off-season but there is a chance that the public address announcer will be saying on Opening Day:  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your 2006 Carolina Mudcats.

Now, this is an off-season.