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Quick Update on Beinfest

I probably should have just put the update in the story below but it's Friday and this seemed easier.

Here is the latest.

Beinfest staying? As of Thursday afternoon, Samson said the Los Angeles Dodgers had not asked the Marlins for permission to interview Beinfest about replacing Paul DePodesta, who was fired last week.

An American League source confirmed a Los Angeles Daily News story that said Beinfest was interested in the Dodgers' general manager job.

"I've got nothing to say," Beinfest said when asked if the report was true.

The Dodgers have declined to comment on whether Beinfest, a Southern California native, expressed an interest in the job.

This adds a little intrigue to the rumor.  It would be one thing if Beinfest and the Dodgers flat out denied it.  It's another when neither party will make a comment.

This is beginning to read like an O. Henry short story without the wonderful writing style. There is probably nothing to this but still it is a weird little tale.

I suppose I should note that the main body of the article is about the stadium deal which may be dead or at least delayed due to all the hurricanes this year and the cost burden they have cause to the County and the City.  Mike, correctly, predicted this in a post earlier and therefore making it old news at FishStripes.

[Update] The Dodgers are going to interview assistant GM Kim Ng for the general manager position. Should Ms. Ng be chosen she will be the first female GM in the history of baseball. She is highly qualified for the position.

I hope she gets the job.