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Is Pierre Next?

When your having a fire sale there is no time to rest when inventory needs to be slashed.  Everything with what resembles a salary must go and the Texas Rangers have come knocking again.

The Rangers have told the Marlins they are interested in outfielder Juan Pierre if the Florida fire sale isn't over. It probably isn't, especially in the case with Pierre, who is a five-year arbitration-eligible player who made $3.4 million in base salary in 2005.

If the Rangers are really serious about acquiring the fleet-footed Pierre they had better make sure not to make the same mistake they made in the Beckett deal.

The Marlins aren't interested in what would be a fair trade in the short run.  The team doesn't want anyone who has anything close to a salary.  They want the farm hand. The one, who, for other clubs would be a year or two or more away from being ready. In other words, no experience desired.  Oh, it would also be a plus if no one had any idea how to spell his name.

So, Rangers, if you are interested in Pierre don't try to trade a proven Major League player heads-up.  There is no place for him here.  The team is looking for prospects plain and simple.

This still makes me sick.