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King of the Road

I suppose if I were a good Sports-blog type person, I would write some more about the recent trades, and speculate about more upcoming trades and team relocation/contraction.  Maybe a nice bit about Beckett being "pumped" to play for the Red Sox, and exactly how glad I am for him.

But by now we all know I suck, right?  Besides - you all know where to find that stuff and where I stand on those issues.  I say we enjoy the Marlins while we have them - they may not exist too much longer.  Have I mentioned recently that I'm depressed?

So... what shall we talk about?  I suppose I could tell you a lovely story about being in an opera and what fun it is to spend all your damn time singing a show - for no pay!  But that would be complaining and I really can't do that - it's a good gig, actually.  I'm just tired.  If anyone is in the DC area in the next month and has nothing better to do - come out and see it!

Or... I could finally reveal the truth behind the whole Bumnnies thing...

Nah.  Those are probably better left for another day.  Let's go for something a bit more timely and hopefully interesting to you all.  That's right - I'm talking about Prison Tattoos.  

Didn't see THAT coming did you?  

Those who know me well will know this is a subject near and dear to my heart and will not be surprised by my interest.  I have long crusaded for such a program in my local area, or would have if I had known of a problem and had the time.  Of course, those bastards in Canada would beat us to it.  Let's just hope they are working on an equivalent program in Venezuela, eh? Maybe Urbina can get one like Tyson's and ditch the hat...