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The Deals are Done

The trades from earlier this week are final.  There were some changes to both of the tentative agreements.

In the Delgado trade to the Mets, the Mets added-in third base prospect Grant Psomas to the deal.

Grant at our fellow SB Nation site, Amazin' Avenue, gives the lowdown on Grant Psomas.

The following are changes to the Red Sox trade:  the Marlins included Guillermo Mota while the Red Sox added Harvey Garcia.

Maverick has a good rundown on the additions in this trade.

The incredibly strange thing about the Mota addition was that the Red Sox played "hardball" to get it.

...the club enhanced the deal by questioning Beckett's health and exploiting what is becoming a mass unloading of payroll, and consequently, talent in South Florida.

The Sox, according to a major league source with direct knowledge of the negotiations, threatened to call off the deal because of health concerns over Beckett unless the Marlins included Mota.

You asked for it - You got it.

Foolish Sox.