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Carlos Delgado Traded; Marlins get Petit

To the Mets
Carlos Delgado - 1B
$7 million

To the Marlins
Yusmeiro Petit - SP
Mike Jacobs - 1B

Newsday is on it first once again: Carlos Delgado is a New York Met.

You know that it's bad when superstars are traded within your own division. Now the Mets have what they've wanted all along and they only had to wait a year to get him.

From all accounts, Petit is the real deal. He's one of, if not the, top pitching prospects in all of baseball. With the addition of Yusmeiro, the Marlins have taken another step towards acquiring a team filled with unique first names (Yusmeiro joins Anibal, Hanley, and Dontrelle).

Mike Jacobs doesn't fit the unique name bill, but he is no slouch either. I just wouldn't expect him to turn into the second coming of Carlos Delgado or anything.

Update: As can only be expected, Mets fans are quite happy with the deal. They even feel as if they might have gotten Delgado cheaply - in that they're getting $7 million and still have Lastings Milledge. I have to agree with the Mets fans here. Milledge would have gone a long way towards creating the all-time unique name team. Lastings Milledge! C'mon - that's a great name. I don't care how many tools the guy has.

Ok, I'm obviously punchy. Done now.