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Should They Stay or Should They Go

In 2006 MLB will have the right to contract teams without Union consent but I'm hoping this will be a nonevent.  The buying out of two franchises by MLB could be cost prohibitive with the increased value of the clubs.

So assuming the Marlins are going to be a solvent organization and leaving the South Florida area -  where will they go?

Some of the possibilities are the following:

Las Vegas:  As was mentioned before it's hard to imagine the city will be ready before 2010.  They do not have a stadium funding plan in place, though the Mayor did promise one but to date has yet to deliver.  Still, it remains a favorite by Loria who has already meet with most of the city leaders.

Portland, OR:  They do a stadium funding plan in place but like Las Vegas they haven't started construction.  The city seems to have a desire to host a team.  

Northern New Jersey:  It makes sense but it ain't going to happen.  There is no way the Mets and Yankees will allow this to occur.

San Antonio:  Most people don't know that it's the second most populous city in Texas.  But, as far as I know, they have never put a serious bid together to host a MLB team.

Monterrey, Mexico:  Could house the Marlins temporarily while improving the stadium to Major League standards.  But from all indications Loria isn't really keen on the idea of moving to Mexico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico:  Very enthusiastic fans but I think Loria and others have enough frequent flyer miles from their Montreal days to last a lifetime.

If I got to pick I would choose Portland, but you already knew that.

Las Vegas, Portland and Northern New Jersey have already contacted the Marlins.