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Delgado to the Mets?

Normally a team would avoid trading someone like Delgado to a club in the same division but given the events of yesterday it is possible that the Marlins and Mets won't be in the same division for very long.

The news is breaking fast concerning Delgado.  I do want to say this: management by all indications is planning on taking the team all the way down and so therefore I don't really care where the players end up.  I do care that they are receiving the best young talent possible in the process.

Now to the Delgado rumor.

The fire sale is on in Florida, and it appears the Mets are ahead of the pack in the Delgado sweepstakes. They are offering minor-league pitcher Yusmeiro Petit for Delgado, 33, and are willing to take $48 million in salary off the Marlins' hands in the process.

"This trade could happen quickly," a source said last night...

The Mets are willing to give up one of their best pitching prospects and acquire all of the financial responsibility for Delgado's contract.

If all of this is correct, I have no trouble believing that a deal could be reached very quickly.  But given the tenacity of Beinfest in trading players it could also drag on for a few days as he plays the offer against other teams.

We will see.