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Marlins Giving Away Turkeys

I could write about how Delgado may be the next up on the trading block or how the Marlins front office's denial about Loria not being in charge wasn't really a denial. Then again I could continue Mike's spot on writings about how the fans aren't the problem and it is media spin. But today, all of that depresses me and I would rather bring to your attention to an event that makes me happy to be a Marlins fan.

The Marlins are never disappointing when it comes to helping the needs of others.  They showed that in their visit of the hurricane victims in Houston.  And once again they are stepping up to the plate to help those less fortunate.

'We need turkeys,'' said Bruce Harris, director of development at the Cooperative Feeding Program. ``The very generous people who normally support us, well, a lot of people haven't really thought about Thanksgiving this year. We're just hoping people will open up their hearts.''


The Florida Marlins will give away 450 Thanksgiving baskets today on South Beach to needy families, and 300 at the Hallandale Food Pantry on Wednesday.

Say what you want about any other aspect of the organization but in the area of helping charities they are first class.

(Yes, I know the joke that goes along with that headline but I will leave it to whomever wishes to pontificate.)