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The Beckett Situation - Cont'd

By this time we have all heard about the trade involving Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. But before we get too excited about our new shortstop and our two minor league pitchers who are a year removed from Tommy John surgery, it's not a done deal yet .  Now I am sure that the trade will probably go through but it may be far from the final agreement.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and ESPN reported Monday night that the teams had agreed to a deal as long as the players involved passed physicals. But a Marlins source said the trade was still being discussed, with more work to be done.

Beckett's agent, Michael Moye, said Monday night that he had not been contacted by the Marlins.

Beckett said he was finishing a round of golf in Texas when former Marlins teammate Carl Pavano of the New York Yankees called to tell him that ESPN reported news of the trade.

"Nobody official has called me to say it's done,'' Beckett said Monday night.

No one has called Beckett or his agent and there is more work to be done.  If the deal was locked in stone, pending the physicals, wouldn't they call one of the players involved or at least his agent?

The trade will probably take place but it is still tentative at this point.  I have to say this: when you're dealing with the Marlins front office it's never boring.