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A Long Way Down

I should probably save this for later, but now seems like a good time...

I think we need some optimism around here.  

Okay - maybe not optimism so much as happy thoughts.

Well... how about a nice dose of less-than-depressing news?

Okay... maybe we should just all get together, get drunk and toast to 2003!  How about that?  Keep those old memories warm, folks.  It'll be a while before we see the likes of that again...

The reason I said I should do this later is that I'd like to relate our current situation a little bit to the book I'm reading now - Nick Hornby's "A Long Way Down."  It's a novel about four people who all meet after they decide to kill themselves at the same place at the same time.  They then find in each other something that maybe was lacking before, decide against suicide and continue being friends even though they have next to nothing in common.  

Depressing premise - very humorous book.  (I know, I know... Tom Waits, suicide books - "what's wrong with Wiggins these days?", you ask yourself... oh that's right - you don't ask that.  Never mind.)

Obviously, no one is jumping off a building because of the impending Marlins fire-sale.  It just REALLY feels like it to me at times.  Then again - I'm not the most positive of people to begin with, am I?

Because it feels so awful, I know I need to keep in mind that there are a lot of wonderful things that have happened in the recent past and some cool things to look forward to, even.  Hell - I, for one, am looking forward to watching the kids play a bit.  With the Fishstripes crew on hand to keep the commentary coming and the community flowing, we'll make it a grand old time, any which way, no?  Much like the four people in the book - we have a pretty bizarre crew here that will give us what we need to keep us all going, I am sure.

Unfortunately, I haven't finished the book yet.

I assume it turns out well.