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The Fire Sale Is On

All the indicators were apparently true - It's Fire Sale Time.

"They may take it all the way down, like we saw in '98," an American League source said, referring to the dismantling of the Marlins' 1997 championship team.


One source said Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who is frustrated over stalled talks for a new stadium, is prepared to go with a 2006 payroll as low as $40 million, which could be the lowest in the major leagues.

Everyone is on the block except Willis and Cabrera.

I am beginning to understand why the Marlins hired a minor league pitching coach, it's because that is what the team will consist of next year.

This can't come as a complete shock since the Marlins front office comprise the people who took Montreal down.  They were bound to show their stripes sometime.

One thing that is really bothering me with all this happening is that Bud Selig keeps bring up the stadium deal or more accurately the lack of one.  He did so again on Saturday.  For some reason this is causing a very uneasy feeling in me.

It's a Fire Sale, we all have been through one before.  It's not pretty, it hurts and it's frustrating.  The recovery time is measured in years, that is, if the team is allowed to recover.  The Expos never were.

The plus side is we will get to watch young talented players develop and that has a special magic to it.  We've done this before too.

Marlins baseball has the strangest life-cycle I have ever seen.