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Award Schedules

In case you missed it, AL Gold Gloves were handed out yesterday.

If you're hoping to see Mike Lowell's name on the NL list when it comes out at 5 PM today, don't go getting your hopes up. Torii Hunter won in the AL, despite missing a large chunk of the year. Don't get me wrong, Hunter is a superb fielder, but he didn't play much this year. Since Lowell had a poor year at the plate, it wouldn't surprise me if his stellar defense was overlooked and Scott Rolen, or someone else, takes home the hardware this year.

Other than Lowell, Luis Castillo, Alex Gonzalez, and possibly Dontrelle Willis are Marlins candidates for Gold Gloves this year.

Here's the rest of the awards schedule:

November 7th - AL & NL Rookie Of the Year
November 8th - AL CY Young Award
November 9th - AL & NL Manager Of The Year Award
November 10th - NL CY Young Award
November 14th - AL MVP Award
November 15th - NL MVP Award

Despite the Marlins disappointing finish to the season, there could be a number of Marlins award winners (or at least high finishers) this year:

  • Dontrelle Willis should at least finish in the top three for the Cy Young and he could win the award.
  • Miguel Cabrera could finish in the top 5 in the NL MVP voting. Carlos Delgado, Dontrelle Willis, and even Todd Jones could receive some votes.
  • Former Marlins 3rd base coach Ozzie Guillen is the front-runner for the AL Manager of the Year Award
  • Former Marlins first baseman Derrek Lee is a strong contender to win the NL MVP.