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Great Upset by the 2003 Marlins

A book is coming out this fall one which probably won't make the reading list of the FishStripes Book Club.  Not being in charge of the Book Club, I could be wrong about that.

The book is:

The book claims to be about: "The Greatest Sports Upsets of All Time".  The Marlins 2003 World Series victory is ranked 20th all time out of the 50 in the selected time period.

The Marlins winning the World Series in 2003 wasn't a great upset.  An upset, maybe, but not one that was a complete surprise.  The Marlins were an excellent team and the hottest one in baseball at the time of the playoffs.  That is how most championships are won.

I will never forget watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN before the series started and the analysts were giving their picks for the outcome of the Series.

It went around the table with everyone picking the Yankees until it got to the last person on the panel, Harold Reynolds.  He said, and I paraphrase, I don't know.  I think the Yankees will have a tough time with the hard throwing Marlins.

Everyone else looked at him like he had just said, "A spaceship landed in front of the studio".

Harold went on, I'm picking the Marlins.

Still, I guess, it's nice to see your favorite team written about in heroic fashion.  The proverbial little guy over coming great odds to defeat the once thought unbeatable.

It's not an accurate portrayal but it does make good theater.

The complete list is here.