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The Pierre Rumor

FishStripes has been getting a lot of hits lately through the search engines with most of them ending up at this post by Mike.

It is a nice post and all but I couldn't figure out why it has, all-of-a-sudden, been getting so much attention.

After a quick trip to Fish Chunks, the answer to the mystery was solved.  Photi bravely goes into areas I would just as soon avoid, namely, the Cubs newsgroups.

Posted on one of the newsgroups was a rumor by ESPN radio about the possibility of Pierre being traded to the Cubs. Here are the two threads:  Thread One    Thread Two.  You will need to click on both in order to read everything that is being said by the Cub fans.

This is the initial entry:

ESPN Radio 1000 is reporting that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins for a pair of minor leaguers.

Who knows how valid this report is, but I like the idea that there is at least progress being made between the Cubs and the Marlins.  If it is a pair of minor leaguers it's probably Pie and maybe a pitcher.

I hope this isn't true.  It's already tough enough to stomach that Derrek Lee and Greg Maddux are members of the Cubs - Pierre doesn't need to be added to the list. The only Marlins I would like to see going to the Cubs are the bullpen with the exception of Todd Jones. That's a trade I could get behind.