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Beinfest Staying?

Ah, rumors, it's that time of year.  Beinfest may not have to worry about calling the local U-Haul dealer in order to move his stuff to California.

LA Daily News - There were strong indications on Sunday night the Dodgers have offered their vacant general manager's position to former Boston GM Theo Epstein and that they had sweetened the deal by offering Epstein a small ownership stake similar to what Billy Beane has in Oakland.

Personally, if I were the Dodgers, I wouldn't offer Epstein ownership until he proves himself in his new position.  It's one thing for Beane to have it with Oakland, he built the organization and it's another to give it in hopes the new guy's moves will work out.  But what do I know.  

In any event if the above is true then Beinfest will be with the Marlins in 2006.  You're not getting off that easily Larry.