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Pujols Wins NL MVP

In an expected outcome, Albert Pujols (right-handed) won the NL MVP award with Andruw Jones (right-handed) being a close second and former Marlin, Derrek Lee (left-handed) finishing third in the voting.

Two Marlins cracked the top 10.  Cabrera finshing fifth while Delgado finshed sixth.

One interesting tidbit about Delgado:

Florida first baseman Carlos Delgado, who was sixth, earned five points toward the 30 he needs by the end of 2008 to guarantee a $16 million salary in 2009. He would get 10 points for winning the MVP, 20 if he is a World Series MVP and 10 if he is a league championship series MVP.

You're a sixth of the way there, big guy.

[Update] The picture of Derrek Lee, used by ESPN, shows him in a Marlins cap.

[Update 2] A-Train finished 11th in the voting.

A complete list of the players receiving votes for the NL MVP award is here.

(tip of the hat to boyd)