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Invitation To the Blues

Somehow this seems appropriate.

I was just listening to some Tom Waits as I did some research on something to write about the Marlins for today.  The more I read about the coming off-season, the more depressed I got and the more the music fit my mood.  I am definitely getting a bad liver and a broken heart here...

The only good news I see is that the Marlins are indeed trying to lock up Dontrelle to a long-term deal.  That should definitely go a long way to help the general team morale, I imagine.  Now let's get Miggy locked up, eh?

Unfortunately - it is looking more and more to me like we may well wind up with a rotation of Willis, Beckett, Vargas, Olsen and Johnson.  Delgado will be gone as soon as they can find a taker (if they can find one), and youth will be served at short and right.  

Don't get anyone started on the stadium problems...

One way or another, I am beginning to believe we are looking at a rebuilding year, whatever Vegas may have said a week or two ago.  That being said - the future may be reasonably bright, as the prospects we have seem to be pretty solid and the foundation we have with Willis, Beckett and Cabrera is definitely solid.  Who knows?  In a year or two, we might have a repeat of 2003.  

For now, though...

Got a crazy sensation,
Go or stay and I've got to choose
And I'll accept your invitation to the blues