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Carpenter Wins Cy Young

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Oh wait - yes it could have. There were at least two other more deserving candidates.

Oh well.

The news.

Even the fool who wrote that article doesn't get it:

When it mattered, Chris Carpenter was at his best.

How is that your opening line? That's pathetic. I'm an untrained amateur and I could (easily) come up with something better than that. I would have at least used facts or a statement based in reality.

Memo to moron: Carpenter had a 5.73 ERA and a .309 batting average against in September.

Update: Dontrelle was named on each of the ballots. And this was the closest finish since 1998. Still, it doesn't feel right. I'd really like to see how each writer voted.

Update #2 (for Viva El Birdos readers/writers with reading comprehension issues): I missed where I was advocating Willis. Sure, I would have liked to see him win the award, but I think Clemens deserved to win. I've said that plenty of times.

I really enjoyed this analysis from a Cards fan:

That's cool. So we should ignore some starts from Carpenter and give him the Cy, but note that a few rough outings from Dontrelle (in July) are what should make us discount his candidacy.

I'd like to have a discussion about this with the Cards folks, but since they seem to think there's some sort of an anti-Cardinals and pro-Marlins media conspiracy, I'm not even going to try.

The one valid point that they've made is that the NL Cy Young is not the award we should be getting the most worked up about. That's true. Bartolo Colon is far less deserving of his award than Carpenter is of his.

Final Update (and now the issue is dead to me): I don't think is as big of a deal to Marlins fans as some Cardinals fans seem to think it is. Yes, we're talking about it. Yes, we hoped that Willis would win it (but I doubt there's a Marlins fan alive who actually thought Dontrelle was going to win today). But when it's all said and done, Marlins fans will take recent World Series titles over Cy Young awards any day.