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Free Agent Dates

Free Agency is going to startup soon so let's look at the time table of the process.

For 15 days after the World Series a player cannot sign with any team other than his own.  Their present team is the only one they can enter into negotiations.  If they cannot reach an agreement then the player's Free Agent status takes place, assuming they have filed.

On Nov. 10 the Free Agents are free to negotiate with any club.  This is when the action starts.

The club has until Dec. 7 to offer arbitration to an unsigned Free Agent. Should the club refuse to offer arbitration they cannot enter into negotiations with the player again until after May 1.

 Should the team offer arbitration the player has until Dec. 19 to accept or reject the offer.  If the player accepts arbitration he has re-signed with the club to a one year contract where the amount is determined by the arbitrator.  Should the player reject arbitration the club has until Jan. 8 to re-sign him.  After Jan. 8 they must wait until after May 1.  The team must offer arbitration in order to receive the compensation draft picks.

So there you have it.  It really isn't very different from last year.  So grab the popcorn and watch this little melodrama unfold as Beinfest takes center stage.  I only hope that he will be wearing the Mountie costume.