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Cabrera adds some more hardware to the mantle

Miguel Cabrera won his first Silver Slugger Award.  He joined Andruw Jones and Carlos Lee as the recipients for the NL award for the outfield.

A full list for both the AL and NL can be found here.

I was really hoping that the A-Train would take the award for the NL pitcher but alas it wasn't to be as the award went to Jason Marquis of the Cardinals.

So let's compare the stats of the two pitchers.


G    AB    H    2B    3B  HR  RBI  BB SO  OBP    SLG    AVG
39    92    24    4    0    1    11    3    13   .289    .337    .261

Jason Marquis

G    AB    H    2B    3B  HR  RBI  BB  SO  OBP    SLG    AVG
43    87    27    8    1    1    10    2    11   .326    .460    .310

Okay, a strong case can be made for Marquis.  Maybe next year.