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You Can Vote For the Hall of Fame

Well, sort of. You can't vote players or coaches into the Hall - at least not unless you're eligible through the BBWAA. But you can participate in the Baseball Hall of Fame's nomination process for the 2006 Ford C. Frick Award winner. The Frick Award is awarded annually to a broadcaster in recognition for their contributions to the game. The Hall of Fame lists the criteria as:

Voters may select up to three candidates and should base their selections on four criteria: longevity; continuity with a club; honors, including awards and national assignments, such as the World Series and All Star-Games; and popularity with the fans.

Jerry Coleman won the award last year. If you don't know much about Coleman, this is the best place to start to find out more about him.

You can see a list of previous winners here.

Not to confuse the issue, but Frick Award winners (just like Spink Award winners - which goes to a sportswriter) are not enshrined in the Hall of Fame like the ballplayers, coaches, managers, umpires, and the like. There's a special plaque and a special room at the Hall of Fame dedicated to the writers and broadcasters, but it's a completely different thing from a when a player (for example) is enshrined.

As my Mom would say, it's exactly the same - only different. Winning the Frick Award is the biggest honor that can be bestowed upon a broadcaster. It's a huge honor. It's just a little different than being elected to the Hall of Fame (and some people get all worked up about the distinction). The simplest explanation of the difference is summed up quite succintly by the Hall itself.

You can vote for up to three broadcasters once per day. Go here to vote. It's a pretty long list. There are a lot of great candidates. Take a look and vote for your favorites.

I heard talk of this on XM radio yesterday. The conversation was fun to listen to as people from across the country called in to state their case for their favorite broadcaster(s). What was most interesting was that many folks didn't even vote for people from their current or home town. That's part of the fun.

For the record, I voted for Jon Miller, Ed Farmer, and John Rooney. That was tough as there were probably a dozen (or so) broadcasters that I would have been happy to vote for (as well as a dozen or so more that I would hope never receive this distinction - yes, that's bitter and small of me, but have you come to expect any less?).

Also, I thought of starting a Rich Waltz Award of Infamy. Only one person could win such an award though, so we'd have to name it after Rich, and that wouldn't be much fun.