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Just Letting You Know

I don't know if anyone ever clicks on the sponsor's ad on the left.  But if you haven't before there may be a reason to this time.

The sole ad is from Budget Rental Car and they are holding a contest called Up Your Budget, the 4-week 16 city treasure hunt.  Roughly the basics of the treasure hunt are they are hiding a sticker in the chosen city and if you are the first to find it you win $10,000.  There are a series of video clues to help you locate the sticker.

The contest, in it's week 2, is presently being held in Miami for the south region.  So if you are interested follow the clues, find the sticker and makes us proud.  Be sure to read the rules before going on your quest.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT telling you this so that you will click on the ad and the site will make money.  The site is not paid that way.  If you click on the ad a thousand times we will not see any income from your actions.

I am telling you this because the $10,000 prize is presently in Miami and I wanted to let you know.

Happy Hunting!