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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Day Six (10/9)

Even if the weather holds in New York today we won't have many games to watch today. Like the White Sox did on Friday, the Cardinals ended the Padres' season via a sweep. That leaves today's games as follows:

Game One (1:09): Braves (Thomson) at Astros (Backe) -- Astros lead series 2-1
Game Two (7:55): Angels (Washburn) at Yankees (Chacon) -- Angels lead series 2-1

Both are elimination games. We almost have to hope for the trailing teams (the Yankees and Braves) to win today so that we get some baseball to watch tomorrow. If the Astros and Angels win today, we'll have to wait for the ALCS to begin on Tuesday.

In Marlins news, high-definition video displays are going to be installed at JRS. I'm not sure of the timeframe. They're for the Dolphins, but they'll be there for Marlins games. This should be cool. And, of course, there's ichthyomancy:

Person ATL @ HOU LAA @ NYY Player AAB
Carolina Astros Angels Vlad LAA/NYY = 12 R
Double B
Dex Astros Yankees Taveras Killer-B tongue kiss
Fishfan24 Astros Yankees 2 Mgr ejections
Jsprt05 Astros Angels Vlad Berkman: Walk off HR