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Flying Coach

As most you know when a manager is replaced in the off-season that normally means the coaches are too.  This time proved to be no exception.  The Marlins have given the coaches permission to seek employment elsewhere.  Which in baseball terminology means good luck finding a new job because you probably won't have one here.

"The coaching staff -- they have been given permission to seek employment elsewhere, except for Perry Hill," Beinfest said. "We expect him to return in '06. I did speak to the coaches. They are aware that they have permission. What will happen here is when we have the new manager hired, we'll then reconsider the coaches that were here. There were no promises or guarantees. That's where we are right now."

That puts in limbo the status of pitching coach Mark Wiley, hitting coach Bill Robinson, third base coach Jeff Cox, bench coach Harry Dunlop and bullpen coach Luis Dorante.

Expected to return are bullpen coordinator Pierre Arsenault and the medical staff: head trainer Sean Cunningham, assistant trainer Mike Kozak and strength and conditioning director Paul Fournier.

I wish them all well because unless the Marlins management drags out the Manager search most of them won't be coming back.  

There is some speculation concerning the future employment of pitching coach Mark Wiley.  The Mariners pitching coach moved on to greener pastures leaving the job open and luckily for Mr. Wiley he has a friend in Seattle, Mike Hargrove.

Hargrove has long been linked to Mark Wiley, who was his pitching coach in Cleveland and again in Baltimore. Wiley has been pitching coach for the Florida Marlins in recent seasons.

It may not work out, but then again, there could be a reunion on the horizon.