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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Day Five (10/8)

The Cardinals will go for the sweep today. Actually, they won't get to start working on that until practically Sunday, as the first pitch isn't until 11 PM Eastern time. But I digress. And we're not cheering for the Cards anyway. Go Padres!

A complete rundown of today's action:

Game One at 4:00: Angels (Washburn) at Yankees (Chacon) -- Angels lead 2-1
Game Two at 7:30: Braves (Sosa) at Astros (Oswalt) -- Series tied 1-1
Game Three at 11:00: Cardinals (Morris) at Padres (Williams) -- Cardinals lead 2-0

There's also plenty of college football today, so feel free to talk about that too if you see fit.

And, of course, there's ichthyomancy:

Person LAA @ NYY ATL @ HOU STL @ SDP Player AAB
Carolina Angels Astros Cardinals Oswalt Vlad: GW RBI
Double B
Craig Astros Padres B. Giles B. Giles: 4 RBI
Fishfan24 Yankees Houston Oswalt 2 Mgr ejections
Jsprt05 Angels Astros Cardinals Pujols Berkman: walk-off HR