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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Day Four (10/7)

Today is a travel day for the National League teams, so it's only AL action today. I apologize on behalf of MLB for those of you who abhor the DH. Deal with it.

Today's games:

Game One (4:19): White Sox (Garcia) at Red Sox (Wakefield) -- White Sox lead 2-0
Game Two (8:19): Angels (Byrd) at Yankees (Johnson) -- Series tied 1-1

Playoff ichthyomancy continues. You can pick the winner of all of today's games, one star player, and up to one AAB pick. If you're new to ichthyomancy (or not in the table), you're welcome to play. There are no prizes, but it's still fun.

Person CHW @ BOS LAA @ NYY Player AAB
Carolina White Sox Yankees Rowand Johnson = 8 K
Double B
Craig White Sox Angels Guerrero Figgins: 3 SB
Fishfan24 Yankees 2 Mgr ejections
Jsprt05 Angels Vlad KRod = 2 IP, SV